Brain Damage
The band was created in 1999 by two founder-members of the Bangarang label from St Etienne. The two pieces belongs to an electro dub style of its own, which was developped along its different creations and lives.


Coming with the two lp’s realised with the label from Paris Hammerbass, their productions can be found on more than twenty compilations in France or abroad, resulting from many artistic collaborations with the main activists of the international dub scene: Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Vibronics, Spectre, Scorn...

In 2006, the project took a new direction with the release of the third album : Spoken Dub Manifesto, produced by Jarring Effects. An ambitious piece of work, conceptual, recorded with none the less than eleven vocalists, confirming the emotional and special way that Brain Damage has to produce dub, hereafter unique. More than ever the duo affirms its identity through its choices, sometimes drastic, of concepts, collaborations, mixes or masterings.

After more than 300 concerts in France and abroad, it is interesting to notice that everything seems to oppose the ambient and “brainy” aspect of the studio work, and the live work , where sensations become physical again, sub basses tangible and the fight against the straightness of the machines mercyless.



1999 :

1st Ep: Bipolar Disorder
(Bangarang) sold out !

2002 :

1st LP : Always greener (on the other side)

2004 :

2nd LP : Ashes to ashes/Dub to dub

2006 :

3rd album : Spoken dub manifesto
(Jarring Effects/PIAS)

99 – 06 : more than 20 compilations :
In France :
Bangarang, Jarring Effects, Wagram, PIAS, Sounds around, Virgin, Expressillon, EMI, Hammerbass, Productions spéciales, Daydream……
Wordsound (Usa), Dubhead (Uk), Tanty rds (Uk)